SU3A Calendar of Events 2017

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Jul 11 Travel Group to Gunby Hall   Aug 1 Drop-In Session incl. Ipad/web support   Sep 5 Drop-In Session incl. Ipad/web support   Oct 1-7 ETG: Avignon and Camargue
Jul 12 AGM Central United Reform Church   Aug 13 Weekenders Hornsea   Sep 7 Travel Group to Port Sunlight   Oct 3 Drop-In Session incl. Ipad/web support
      Aug 16 Travel group to York   Sep 12-16 Travel Group to East Anglia   Oct 20 Showroom Lectures
Jul 21 Showroom Lectures   Aug 18 Showroom Lectures   Sep 15 Showroom Lectures      
July 22 Weekenders Skipton Canal   Aug 31 Closing date for BMI study   Sep 30 Closing date for Blood pressure study    
July 31 Travel Group: S. Yorks Churches Repeat                  


Bookings for the Meeting Room may be made for morning (9 to 1) or afternoon (1-5) session. Please make bookings via Chris Jones, 07753 829771 or treasurer@sheffieldu3a.org.uk