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How to check Group Membership

Renewal closes on February 28 so very soon after that date I will send out emails to all group coordinators (or their email buddies) with a list of their members according to Wild Apricot. This list will then not include any ot the previous year's members who have not renewed. Coordinators will be asked to send in corrections at that point. There are a very few groups who either never supplied a list last year or whose list got lost. They will be asked to send in a list.

Membership numbers are used as a check of membership for open groups where needed and just occasionally as an aid to identity. Hence there is no need for coordinators to routinely collect membership numbers in the way that they used to. In general it does no harm if they continue to do this as their own check on membership. They may ring one of the following numbers, or email wa-admin@su3a.org.uk if they wish to enquire:

Camilla Jordan
(0114) 2685355
or Chris Franks 01433 650514
With best wishes


Support for Group Coordinators.

Following on from Jim Walker stepping down from his role as General Coordinator, it quickly became apparent that the role has become too large for one person: thus Jim has now been succeeded by a team of four General Coordinators. After considerable discussion as to how best to split the responsibilities of coordinating all our Groups, we decided the best approach was a simple division into four sets of roughly equal size.
Set A, General Coordinator Stephanie Dixon
email: contains the walking, birdwatching and history groups.
Set B, General Coordinator Ann Granville
email: contains the language, literature, drama and lunch and lecture groups.
Set C General Coordinator Barbara Lowe
email: contains the Music, Discussion and Philosophy, Card/Board Games, Science and Technology, Classical Concertgoers and Weekenders Groups
Set D, coordinatorTricia Rogerson
email: contains the art, arts and crafts, physical, social, gardening and travel groups.
Camilla Jordan
email: continues with responsibility for the complex task of maintaining group membership records
There will always be one or more of us at each drop-in centre meeting, new members and  coordinators meetings and at the AGM. Do contact us if you need any help in connection with a group or groups, whether it be forming a new group, trying to find one that fits what you are looking for or simply needing answers to queries about running a group. Although it may be quicker if you contact the correct coordinator, do not worry too much. We are working as a team and will happily pass queries on to each other. The fact that Jim’s job now requires a team of four indicates by how much we have to thank him!

General Coordinators Team

Information on Groups

This is the basic Information for each group listed under the headings coordinator, telephone number/email, meeting day/time/frequency, venue, cost and brief description of activities.

This information will be collected or updated annually through data collection emails sent to all Coordinators with email addresses and through the post for all other Coordinators. The Database Manager (Clare Chiba)is now responsible for this data collection and for the routine maintenance of the database for the use of the General Coordinator.

It is very important that any changes in Group information occurring between data collection emails should be sent to your General Coordinator who will then pass them on to the Web Coordinator, Database Manager and/or anyone else who needs to know.

The information will appear in the appropriate group category page of this website eg "arts and crafts" or "music".  These pages can be accessed from groups by category, complete alphabetical listing of Sheffield U3A groups or groups by day of the week.

Group home pages

Each group can have its own page on this site.  All you have to do is to ask on

You can use your page to show meeting dates, venues, programmes etc or to report your activities. Pictures can be included and you can have as many pages as you like.

 If your group has its own home page it will be shown by a link "group home page" in the complete alphabetical list of groups and groups by category pages.

You can also send the Web Coordinator web@sheffieldu3a.org.uk news of your group which you think will be of particular interest to other Sheffield U3A members. Vacancies in your Group will be advertised on the Group Vacancies page

All this of course is complementary to Sheffield U3A's bi-monthly newsletter Links. The information in Links will appear on the web site and all copies of Links since June 2006 are kept on the web site.

Group Coordinators’ Meeting

The next regular Group Coordinators' Meeting will be in 2017

Report of April 2016 Coordinators' Meeting

Workshop on challenges of Group leadership

Report of March 2013 Coordinators' Meeting

Issues raised at March 2013 Coordinators' Meeting

Group Accounts

All groups must keep adequate financial records and comply with the basic guidelines laid down by law and the SU3A committee. Groups must also take care not to make any payments not permitted by national U3A guidelines. These guidelines can be found on the financial guidelines page.
Any group which has an annual income or expenditure of £1,000 (this is all income or expenditure, including social events) or more must have its accounts audited. This audit can be done by a volunteer; no one needs to employ an auditor. The certificate which the auditor needs to sign can be found on the Auditor’s Report page. Within 6 months of a group’s financial year end a copy of the audited accounts must be submitted to the SU3A treasurer.
Any financial queries should be addressed to the Treasurer whose contact details can be found here


Guidelines for social trips

A leaflet has been produced to assist coordinators when organising social outings. The leaflet was sent to all coordinators with the mailing in January 2007; but if anyone does not have one please contact the Joint General Coordinators direct and they will send one.

National network coordinators

A complete list of National Network Coordinators has been revised and a copy is with the General Coordinator. Any coordinator who wants their National Coordinator's details please contact the General Coordinator groups@sheffieldu3a.org.uk


Car Sharing

Many members have raised concerns as to the legal position
related to sharing car travel expenses / petrol costs when travelling to SU3A events and activities. Advice has been sought from both The Third Age Trust  (TAT) and The Automobile Association (AA).

TAT have informed us that “There is no U3A insurance that covers journeys in cars, it would be down to the individuals car insurance.
The answer to your query on petrol costs.  It would be a good idea if your committee set down rules for this for the future, however the cost should be shared by the amount of people in the car including the driver.  Petrol costs are 45p per mile.

The AA Motoring Content Manager replied “ One of the principle aims of car sharing is to share costs though you can get into legal and/or taxation difficulties if you make a profit at the expense of your passengers.
The following from the DfT (Department for Transport Ed.)
The main characteristic of a vehicle which is being used legitimately under the car sharing rules is that the total of any charges should be agreed in advance and must not exceed the running costs (including wear and tear and depreciation) of the vehicle for the journey. In other words, it is a form of transport which is provided by volunteers who do not make a profit from the service.
The rules governing car sharing are contained in section 1(4) of the Public Passenger Vehicles Act 1981. A useful leaflet about how these schemes work has been prepared by the Community Transport Association and can be accessed on their website:    http://www.ctauk.org/index.aspx?id=104  (the relevant document is "Using MPVs and Smaller Vehicles").
You should talk direct to your insurer. “
The sum of £0.45 is referred to as this is the current maximum approved rate above which HM Customs and Revenue considers a profit is made and income tax is due. The Executive Committee currently reimburses £0.40 per mile for travel on SU3A business.


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