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U3A Study Day Thursday 19 April 2018- ‘Exploring Ideas of Identity and Nationality’ See December Links p 26 for details

‘Talking about our generation’ - growing up in the 1960s.

Don't miss the chance to take part!

The proposed living history project (see October Links) is starting to take shape. The steering group will meet in December. The project will start with an open meeting on Tuesday 16 January, 10am to 12 noon in the Showroom Cafe (the room behind the bar). This will be followed by a series of meetings throughout the year, sharing memories of the various aspects of growing up in the 60s - food, music, fashion, home life, entertainment, world events, etc. Students from the University of Sheffield History Department will be offering to conduct and write up structured interviews with individual members. It should be an interesting and rewarding trip down Memory Lane! If you would like to participate please contact:
Denise West (0114) 274 6797 denisewest3btinternet.com

Shelagh Woolliscroft (0114) 255 8948 shelaghwoolliscroft.com

14/11/2017Including dogs on SU3A walks - guidelines

7/11/2017 Executive Committee Vacancies for 2018

Do you feel passionate about our U3A? Do you want to become more involved, meet new people who feel equally passionate about our organisation?

Sheffield U3A Executive Committee (EC) has several vacancies next year, so why not come and join us or at least pick up the phone and give us a call? Your involvement really matters; you bring new ideas and different perspectives to our organisation without which SU3A would become stale and stagnant.

All applicants will be taken through the roles on a one-to-one basis and can shadow existing members for several months, no-one gets thrown in at the deep end!

We need a new Chair and Secretary. For details, please click on the links:



TourTalk is hear/here

The U3A Deaf Group is pleased to announce that Sheffield U3A now have the TourTalk system and it is available for use by any U3A group. The way that it works is that you have a transmitter that can, for instance, be worn with a lapel microphone and any number of people who use hearing aids and have a ‘T’ setting can receive sounds via a neck loop. Otherwise they can use an earpiece or headphones instead.

The Deaf Group is still welcoming new members and from January meetings will be in the early evening from 5.30 pm on the first Thursday of each month at the Quaker Meeting House, 10 St James’ Street, Sheffield, S1 2EW.

For more details about TourTalk availability or the Deaf Group meetings, please contact Chris Carter.
Chris Carter can be contacted by text on 07855 908007 or e-mail U3AChrisCartergmail.com

Portable hearing loop system, and supporting members with hearing loss

The Sheffield U3A committee are interested in enabling the roughly 25% of its members with hearing problems to fully participate in activities. It is intended to purchase a portable loop system that can be lent to groups who have deaf members.

The charity “Action on hearing” have suggested various ways in which hearing people can help. Suggestions include:

If the person uses lipreading, as most do, at least to some extent, you should look for an area with good lighting away from noise and distraction to have a conversation and make sure you have the person’s attention before speaking.

You should speak normally and clearly, without raising your voice but using normal lip movements facial expression and gestures whilst keeping your face towards them.

You should make sure that what you are saying is understood and if not try saying it in a different way and try to get to the point without waffling.”

Third Age Trust - end of free legal helpline

The TAT (Third Age Trust) August mailing is available to view on their website -  www.u3a.org.uk/the-third-age-trust.html .This includes information on the AGM and the annual accounts. TAT is moving and will not be able to take calls between 10th and 17th August. The email address remains the same and they will answer emails in this time. 2018 diaries will be available from mid-August.

PLEASE NOTE they are ceasing the free legal helpline from 30 September 2017, as it is considered not worth the cost involved. They have issued the following statement:

 'The Trust accepts that it has a duty to advise members on U3A legal matters. Hence we will ensure relevant U3A organisational legal matters continue to receive proper attention. This will be done on a case by case basis as appropriate through specialist lawyers and be arranged by the Office as and when necessary.' 

Availability of Grants for the Purchase
of an SU3A Asset

Grants towards the purchasing of capital equipment are now
available for groups under the following rules:

1) Grants will only be made for SU3A capital equipment.

2) Grants awarded will be for amounts between £50 and £250.

3) Grants awarded will be up to 50% of the capital value.

4) Grants will only be paid against a copy of a receipt or invoice.

5) No further grants will be made to the group for similar purchase.

Groups should build up reserves for future such expenditure.

Should any group wish to apply, please contact Barbara Lowe
(groupscsheffield.co.uk) or Brian Cave (bpcavehotmail.com).


Lectures for All    

Friday Lecture Programme 2017/8

Friday Lectures at the Showroom Cinema

All members are able to attend these lectures free of charge.   Occasionally there is a retiring collection for the speaker's nominated charity.

Lectures are held in Cinema 4 at the Showroom Cinema, Paternoster Row, on the third Friday of the month and start at 11 am, finishing at around 12.30 pm.  A voucher, obtainable from the box office, enables half- price parking at Q-park on Arundel Gate.  There is a greeter wearing a U3A lanyard badge to welcome new members.

The cafe opens at 10 am and refreshments are available before and after the lecture.

The team will endeavour to post last-minute changes on the website.  There is no booking system - it is 'first come, first served'.   Queries to Shelagh Woolliscroft on 255 8948


2017/8 Programme    

15 December - Humour in Film

Martin Carter, Principal Lecturer in Film Studies, Sheffield Hallam University.

What makes people laugh? If we knew that then every comedy film, play, television show would have us all rolling in the aisles....but they do not. This meandering ramble through the history of screen comedy will also not provide an answer to that question but will hopefully illustrate the wide range of what some of us do find funny...and others don't. Martin is a principal lecturer in Film Studies at Sheffield Hallam University. He has specific interests in Documentary, British Cinema and cinema architecture. He regularly introduces films at the Showroom which often demonstrates that not everyone will find your funny lines funny.

There will be a special two-course lunch on offer after the lecture, price £10. Please book and pay in advance via the Showroom Tel (0114) 275 7727.

19 January - Love on the Dole and beyond: Walter Greenwood's forgotten story

Chris Hopkins,Professor of English Studies and Head of the Humanities Research Centre at Sheffield Hallam University.

Walter Greenwood is remembered chiefly for his 1933 novel 'Love on the Dole', but very little is known of his subsequent novels and other writing. There is no biography of him, but Chris Hopkins is about to rectify that with a book due out in April 2018. This illustrated lecture is based on Chris' research for the book and will trace Walter Greenwood's life, career and status as the most famous working class writer and celebrity of his time.

16 February - Deeds not Words: The story of women’s rights, then and now

Dr Helen Pankhurst

On the 100th anniversary of women getting the vote, Helen Pankhurst - great-granddaughter of suffragette leader Emmeline Pankhurst and a leading women's rights campaigner - charts how women's lives have changed over the last century, and offers a powerful and positive argument for a new way forward. Signed copies of Dr Pankhurst's newly published book will be available for sale.

16 March - A happy accident: the meeting of three great artists in St Ives’

Andy Pollard, Senior Lecturer in Creative Media, Sheffield Hallam University

In this lecture, Andy will explore the impact on English modern art of a chance meeting in 1928 between London modernist Ben Nicholson, his young contemporary Christopher Wood and the ‘fisherman artist’ Alfred Wallis in St Ives. Paintings by all three will illustrate their mutually inspired approach to Cornwall’s landscape and people.

Classical Concertgoers: Bridgewater Hall, Manchester

Wednesday 21 March 2018 at 2.15pm
Halle Orchestra
Conductor: Jonathon Heyward
Piano: Benjamin Grosvenor
Organ: Jonathan Scott
Weber Overture:Oberon
Beethoven Piano Concerto No.3
Saint-Saëns Symphony No 3 'Organ'

We have never, to my knowledge, heard the organ at the Bridgewater Hall. Now we have the opportunity with Saint-Saëns' impressive 'Organ Symphony'. Of composing the piece, Saint-Saëns wrote: “I gave everything to it that I was able to give. What I have here accomplished, I will never achieve again.” No apologies for once again hearing Benjamin Grosvenor play. Beethoven's Third Piano Concerto is a work that tests the mettle of any soloist and, as one of our finest young pianists in Britain, he is sure to rise to the occasion.

See Links 187: December 2017 pp 14 and 23 for details

Flying Gardeners - an Open Group

Most Sheffield parks have a volunteer group but there are a few that don't.  So on the fifth Wednesday (that's about 4 times a year), from 9.30 to 12 noon some of us set to work under the supervision of a park ranger.  In 2018 the dates will be 30 May, 29 August and 31 October (not 31 January!)  Bring gloves and boots, all tools provided.  Enquiries: phone Shelagh on 255 8948 or email her at shelagh.woolliscroft@gmail.com

You will be very welcome to join us!


Sustainability Group -Get the low-down on low-energy homes

Why spend money generating heat when it’s already there all around you? That’s the principle behind Passivhaus homes, which are designed and insulated to take advantage of heat sources like the sun, human occupants, household appliances and the air passing out of the building. As a consequence, the need for space heating is dramatically reduced – typically by 75% compared with standard practice for UK new-build.
Sheffield-based Paul Testa Architecture is winning a reputation for applying Passivhaus methods to new-build and retro-fit projects across the city and beyond, paying particular attention to the comfort and health of occupants as well as energy-saving aspects. Paul Testa will be talking about the practice’s work to members of the Sustainability Group at 2.15pm on Thursday 25 January. The meeting will be held at the Showroom in the Cafe Bar room (beyond the main coffee bar). U3A members who would like to know more about Passivhaus are welcome to attend, but please indicate your intention to do so in advance to:

Jo Couldry Coordinator (0114) 268 5496 jocouldry@yahoo.co.uk

Can you spare a few afternoons a year to help SU3A?

You have probably seen the numerous requests for volunteers to help keep the SU3A show on the road. We need people to make tea at the Drop-In, meet and greet people and talk to members at the new members' meetings.
If you would like to help then ring our Secretary, Jenny Graaf, for a chat on 01246 731535


Monthly ‘Drop-In’ Sessions

The monthly ‘Drop-In’ sessions are held at the United Reformed Church, Chapel Walk entrance (opposite the Crucible Theatre) on the first Tuesday morning of every month, except August. For dates please see the SU3A Calendar

Everyone is welcome to drop in at any time between 10.00 am and 12.00 noon. Free refreshments will be available There is no formal programme - this is an opportunity to meet up with friends, make new friends from different Groups, exchange ideas, ask questions and promote forthcoming events. There will be several Committee members present each month.

Help will usually be available for those with Ipads and tablets who are experiencing problems. Help also given with online membership renewal.


What is the U3A?


Membership Information



Sheffield U3A provides the information below, but takes no responsibility for any resultant actions.

University Research Projects

The researchers listed below are seeking volunteers to assist with their projects. All projects have gained ethical approval from the appropriate body.

Reasons for supporting universities here

Systemic Sclerosis and Exercise,

social networks and emotions


Help Sheffield pupils to gain confidence in their reading and communication


The ESCAL Volunteering programme organises one-to-one support for pupils needing some extra help with their reading and talking skills. Since 2009 SU3A members have been giving their time and commitment as volunteers to work in partnership with ESCAL. At present they represent nearly 25% of the number of active volunteers in the city.

Some school students lack the opportunity to practice their reading, and the experience of conversation,  listening and sharing ideas. Volunteers can provide this, and ESCAL offers training and materials.

If you want to find out more about becoming a Reading or Talking Volunteer  contact ESCAL at 0114 2506853 or escalvolunteering@sheffield.gov.uk




free courses via the internet. These are not U3A courses. Quality varies but some are superb.


Starting in September 2017.


Bonnie Prince Charlie and the Jacobites.  -  University of Edinburgh. Scotland

The Jacobites , loyal followers of the exiled King, sparked political upheaval in Scotland. From the glorious Revolution of 1688 to the Battle of Culloden in 1746 their story is one of rebellions, plots, espionage and tartan - clad heroes and bloody defeat.

On this course you will unravel the Jacobite story. Using objects from the National Museums Scotland you will discover the lives of the rulers and their followers who sought to change history.


Duration :  3 weeks               Study :  5 hours per week.          Starts: 18th September 2017.



Gabriel Garcia Marquez - Power, History and Love -   University of Los Andes Colombia.

In this course you will be able to identify Colombian writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s narrative contributions to world literature through the study of the author’s obsessions, power, history and love.  You will have the opportunity to enjoy reading : -

Sad Tale of Innocent Erendira and her Heartless Grandmother  ( 1972 )
The Autumn of the Patriarch.          ( 1975 )
Chronicle of a Death Foretold.        (1981 )  
Love in the Time of Cholera            ( 1985 )
The General in his Labyrinth           ( 1989 )
Of Love and Other Demons            (1994 )


Duration  :  8 weeks                Study  4 hours per week.              Starts:  25th September 2017


Learn about Weather . -   The University of Exeter.

Weather is one of the most popular topics of conversation, yet not many of us actually know how it works.

On this course you will learn about all things weather, the basic processes that result in the weather we experience and how it affects people such as photographers, gardeners and walkers.


Duration :   4 weeks                Study  3 hours per week.              Starts : -  11th September 2017.


OR EMAIL  denisewest3@btinternet.com.


Third Age Trust





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